If you have ever visited the Umpqua River Lighthouse in Winchester Bay, Oregon ... or if you just love lighthouses, we hope you will view our pages to see the efforts being made to preserve and protect this beautiful jewel that has the distinction of being the 1st Lighthouse in the Oregon Territory.

With the increasing number of U.S. Coast Guard active aids to navigation being decommissioned across the United States, the Friends of Umpqua River Light was formed in Spring, 2010.  It is our intent to host a series of events and fundraisers aimed at raising consciousness about these wonderful sea sentinels that have protected our shores for hundreds of years, and in the process, to preserve our cultural heritage by forming partnerships for the continued preservation and maintenance of the Umpqua River Lighthouse.

Breaking News!!!  The U.S. Coast Guard Report Determines Umpqua River Lighthouse NOT a Primary Aid To Navigation!

The US Coast Guard 13th District, Seattle issued the long-awaited Waterways Analysis & Management System (WAMS) report on Sept. 28, 2010. 

It was not unexpected in this age of GPS and other technology that the determination was that mariners use the lighthouse as a secondary aid to navigation, but it now opens the door for the Coast Guard to begin the process to discontinue the lighthouse as a federally-maintained aid to navigation. 

Specific plans for the disposition of the lighthouse will be made at a later time - there are currently no plans to remove the historic 1890 Fresnel lens from the Lighthouse or to dismantle it.  

 Please look at our new tab "Breaking News" for more information, and continue to check back for further updates --- and please consider supporting us in our efforts to apply for private ownership with Douglas County under the PATON application process.


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Umpqua River Light