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 about Umpqua River Light

The Waterways Analysis & Management System (WAMS) report issued by the US Coast Guard, 13th District Seattle, determines the lighthouse is not a primary aid for navigation and opens the door to begin the process to discontinue the Umpqua River Light.  While specific plans for the disposition will be made at a later time, we are heartened to know that there are no plans to dismantle or remove the  historic lens from the Lighthouse. 

We appreciate there will be a process in place to transfer ownership of the Lighthouse and Lens via either a PATON agreement (Private Aid to Navigation) or through the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000.  The Friends group is hopeful that Douglas County may secure the Lighthouse under a PATON agreement and know that they are poised for the next steps, and according to Douglas County Commissioner Joe Laurance wants to do all they can to "keep the light turning and burning" as it has for 116 years.

Rear Admiral Gary Blore, Commander 13th Coast Guard District said, "While this lighthouse may no longer be necessary as a primary federally-maintained aid to navigation, I recognize and am sensitive to the significant community and econmic importance of this historical structure to the local community.  We are committed to the continued operation of this lighthouse until a transfer strategy is developed, and will ensure public comment is encouraged."


Coast Guard Decides to Lease Lens & Lighthouse to Douglas County as PATON.  12-17-10

Lighthouse to Remain Operational

USCG Report says Umpqua River Light not required
 for Safe Navigation


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Congressional Delegation
Supports Lighthouse Efforts

The News Review - Rosebutg, OR  9-30-10
by John Sowell

U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio said Wednesday he will lend his support to efforts by Douglas County to obtain control of the Umpqua River Lighthouse.

An aide to the Springfield Democrat met with U.S. Coast Guard officials to formally let them know of the county's desire to enter into a lease with the Coast Guard to preserve the beacon that overlooks the dunes at Winchester Bay.

“The Umpqua River Lighthouse and Fresnel lens are Douglas County treasures,” DeFazio said. “I commend Douglas County, the Friends of the Umpqua River Light and the local community for their efforts to maintain the lighthouse for the public good and to keep the lens in Winchester Bay.”