Umpqua River Lighthouse Timeline
- July 1, 1849 -
The United States Coastal Survey Expedition chooses the Umpqua River
as the location  for the 1st Lighthouse in Oregon Territory.

- August 6, 1850 -
“The Samuel Roberts” is the first American ship  to cross the Umpqua River Bar.

- Fall, 1857 -
The 1st Umpqua River Lighthouse is commissioned.

- January, 1864 -
The 1st Umpqua River Lighthouse is swept into  the river
when it was undermined by terrible floodwaters in 1861.

- 1890 -
The First Order Fresnel Lens for the Umpqua River Lighthouse
was purchased  from  France

- December 31, 1894 -
The second Umpqua River Lighthouse was erected  at present site

- March 1976 -
Former US Coast Guard barracks (now our Museum) and boathouse
were deeded to Douglas County Parks Department from the 
General Services Administration.

- October 21, 1977 -
Umpqua River Lighthouse placed on  National Register of  Historic Places
by  U.S. Department of Interior

- June 1980 - 
Efforts spearheaded by Douglas County Parks Director Tom Keel, 
and County Commissioners led to a $110,000 restoration of the barracks
as the new Lighthouse Museum on the main floor of the three story building..

- November, 1983- February, 1985 -
The chariot wheels at the base of the carriage failed to rotate the lens.
A community outcry resulted in the Coast Guard restoring the mechanism
& saving the historic lens.

- 1993 -
Douglas County entered into an agreement with the U.S. Coast Guard
to lease the lighthouse.
  The Coast Guard retains ownership of the historic lens. 

- 2005 & 2006 -
Jeld-Wen Inc., manufactured & replaced the lighthouse windows and doors with period correct replicas in a test project which has now  become an annual Lighthouse Restoration Initiative for the company to restore lighthouses across America.

- June 21, 2007 -
The Umpqua River Lighthouse is featured as 1 of 5 US Postal Service stamps
issued in the Pacific Lighthouse series, painted by noted artist Howard Koslow.

- 2005-2007 -
 The Umpqua River Lighthouse Museum was created as a result of an 18-month restoration project to the former barracks building. The three story building houses memorabilia and artifacts from the earliest schooners, historic photographs of the lighthouse and its construction, and the top floor has been converted into
 period correct Coast Guard barracks from the 1940s, 1950's and 1960's.
The basement area features the museum store with art prints and collectables,
souvenirs and gifts, and educational toys and books.

- 2009-2010 -
Of Oregon's 9 Lighthouses, the Umpqua River Lighthouse is
1 of 3 remaining active Aids To Navigation (ATON).
A recent Waterways Analysis Management System Review
will determine if our historic lens will be decommissioned.
We expect the final U.S. Coast Guard report to be issued in July, 2010.