How You Can Help!

We sincerely appreciate any and all help you offer!


Send letters, e-mails, or even birthday cards to the Lighthouse.  If you have visited Umpqua River LIghthouse, tell us about your visit and what was memorable about your stay.

E-mail to:

Snail Mail:  Friends of Umpqua River Light
                  1020 Lighthouse Road
                  Winchester Bay, OR 97467

Financial Support:
Your donation in any amount will help us underwrite the
116th Birthday Celebration & Symposium, and continue our preservation efforts at the Lighthouse & Museum.

Donations may be sent to:  
                             Friends of Umpqua River Light
                             @ Umpqua Bank - Attn: Judy McClay
                             1975 Winchester Ave.
                             Reedsport, OR 97467

Become a Member of Friends of Umpqua River Light.  Click on the Membership page for benefits of membership in various supporting categories.

Coasties & Wave Warriors:
Former and current U.S. Coast Guard personnel have shared their tour-of-duty stories and the impact the Umpqua River Lighthouse and Station Umpqua River had on their lives.  We have found these letters and essays to be so heartfelt and compelling that we are creating a special scrapbook of memories to be housed at the Museum.  You can submit via E-mail to:

Or of course, you may send your letter in the lost art of "handwriting."